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CakeResume Overview

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CakeResume Overview

CakeResume, created by Trantor Liu in 2009, is a resume construction platform that uses cutting-edge technologies to create a CV you can be proud of. Its platform also includes a slew of useful features such as online job postings and talent acquisition services. Furthermore, the platform has a full set of search and filtering options to assist you in locating the best applicants for your firm.

CakeResume Overview

The free program is limited to basic resumes, but the company does offer a more complete subscription plan that allows you to construct an infinite amount of resumes and access to a variety of other services. For example, the platform has a searchable directory of almost 3 million businesses. In addition to job search functionality, the website provides access to a wealth of information on businesses of all sorts, from SMEs to megacorporations. Furthermore, the platform includes a range of tools such as online job postings, talent hire services, and career advice.

Cakeresume is also a company that goes out of its way to give you something extra, whether it’s a free ebook on crafting the perfect resume or a bespoke domain name if you so choose. Furthermore, the organization provides a variety of free samples and instructions on how to develop an online presence and boost your visibility on social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

CakeResume was also one of the most exciting startups to emerge from TechCrunch Disrupt NY. It was one of the first organizations to provide a real cloud-based resume solution, ensuring that your information is constantly current. This includes the ability to add your resume to your LinkedIn page, which is an excellent method to distinguish yourself from the competition. Finally, the company’s customer service is unrivaled, with most inquiries resolved within an hour.

CakeResume’s resume creator is a powerful piece of software that is very simple to use. The interface includes pre-made parts that may be easily dragged and dropped into place. Although the company is based in Taiwan, its product line is aimed at a global audience. As such, it offers a variety of resume-building capabilities that are appropriate for a wide range of users.