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Construction of a Smartphone Projector

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Construction of a Smartphone Projector

Before beginning the procedure of how to create a smartphone projector, you must have all of the required supplies available. This package contains a magnifying glass and a lens. You should also carry a knife and a box cutter. Once you have gathered all the necessary supplies, cut a hole in the box’s side and position the lens. The lens can then be secured with duct tape, hot glue, or sticky putty.

Construction of a Smartphone Projector

Using duct tape, a smartphone stand may be affixed to the cardboard box. Then, invert the smartphone and ensure that the auto-rotation function is disabled. Then, position the smartphone within the box and adjust the angle to enhance video quality. A shoebox and a biconvex lens can be used to create a smartphone projector.

The Ultimate Rotation Control app is also available for Android and iOS devices. After downloading the application, launch it and select “Ultimate Rotation Control.” It may be necessary to enable AssistiveTouch on the device to facilitate phone rotation. Now, you can properly project the image.

Next, you must locate a rectangle container. This box must be narrower than the smartphone and fit inside the slot. In addition, it should be spacious enough to fit the smartphone and prevent light from escaping from the edges. If you do not have a shoebox, you can substitute a rectangle box. Make sure the box is enough wide to fit the phone, but not too wide.

You can use a magnifying glass or a rigid cardboard box as the lens. You can also lay a magnifying glass on top of the box and use a pencil to trace the shape. You can then use a cardboard knife to make a hole for the lens. Make sure that the circle is slightly smaller than its outline when it is cut out.

Everyday items can be used to construct a smartphone projector. It can be a valuable addition to a zero-waste society or a humorous photography hack. Using common objects will assist you in teaching pupils about optics and light science. Additionally, a smartphone projector can be utilized to produce art. It can be an effective method of introducing students to photography while contributing to a zero-waste culture.

You can use a cardboard box and a magnifying glass to construct a smartphone projector with no effort. The outcome will be a projector that enables you to watch movies, share images, and stream your favorite television programs. And if you have children, constructing a phone projector can be both entertaining and informative.