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DIY Smartphone Construction Guide

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DIY Smartphone Construction Guide

Making your own smartphone is a fun and instructive introduction to electronics and computer programming. Albert Gajsak, a young man of only 20, came up with the idea for the MAKERphone. The Makerbuino, a do-it-yourself 8-bit portable gaming system, was his prior project. After the Makerbuino project was scrapped, he switched gears to concentrate on developing new smartphone features.

DIY Smartphone Construction Guide

The number of smartphone factories in Asia has risen in the past decade. Huawei is one of these firms; it is the world’s number two smartphone manufacturer. More than 200 million phones were sold by the company in 2017. Huawei, however, must start from scratch when creating their phones because the Chinese government does not permit Chinese companies to produce their products in the United States.

A mobile phone concept is first thought of in a board room, marking the beginning of the long road to realization. Afterwards, the concept is given to the R&D division for further investigation. The group starts by creating a prototype that doesn’t work. At first, the study team is concerned mostly with form. It circulates the prototype around the appropriate parties for feedback. The team may begin developing the handset’s internal hardware after the design has been finalized.

You should equip yourself with the standard tools of the craft. A photo box or shoe box from a hobby shop both work well. It’s also a good idea to grab a magnifying glass and a camera lens. Masking tape or washable glue can also be used. If you want your glue to hold, you need a nice, white surface to work on.