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How Coinbase Works

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How Coinbase Works

Coinbase is a smarmy crypto-centric startup company based in San Francisco that was founded in 2012. The company provides a suite of crypto-centric products and services, ranging from trading equities and cryptocurrencies to facilitating transactions in these assets through the future crypto exchanges. The New York Attorney General’s office is currently investigating the company for allegedly stumbling on the ills of over $800 million in customer assets in its possession.

How Coinbase Works

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency-focused company, but it is not the only one in town. It has a number of strategic partners from a variety of industries, including financial, entertainment, and media. Additionally, the company has a large and active community, a large and active wallet base, and a robust mobile app.

Finally, the company does an excellent job of educating users on the nuances of crypto-centric finance as well as the best ways to interact with its community. Coinbase, with its large user base, offers a wide range of cryptocurrency-related products and services, ensuring that the company is always on the cutting edge of technology.

USD Coin, an equidistant stablecoin, is one of its offerings. USD Coin, in addition to displaying the company’s equidistant symbol, provides a stable cryptocurrency that can be traded and purchased with the assurance of a high yield.