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How to Block a Phone Number on an iPhone

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How to Block a Phone Number on an iPhone

To prevent a number from contacting you, open the phone app on your iPhone. This is usually found on the home screen. Choose the icon that resembles a white phone receiver. The words “Block this caller” are written in red text on the symbol. Tap here to confirm that you want to block the number.

How to Block a Phone Number on an iPhone

You can also report unwanted text messages by selecting the “Report Junk” link located beneath the message. This sends the message and associated contact information to Apple and deletes the message from your phone. This, however, will not prevent the sender from sending you communications in the future. If you wish to avoid unsolicited calls and messages, you must block a number.

When you block a phone number, it will no longer receive calls, texts, or FaceTime requests. If the caller utilizes FaceTime, the message will be delivered to your iPhone, but you will not be notified. The good news is that unblocking a blocked number is incredibly simple. Apple provides a help page that will walk you through the steps.

To block a phone number, open the Contacts app on your iPhone. Once you’ve seen the contacts list, hit the Block this Caller or Block Contact icon. When you’re finished blocking the number, you can unblock it again by repeating the process.

Emails and FaceTime can also be blocked. You can unblock a number with a few touches after blocking it. All communications with that person will be terminated as a result of this action. If you prefer to talk to someone, you can also allow them to text you instead. You may assure that they do not disturb you in this manner.

Blocking a phone number on your iPhone also protects your privacy. It means you won’t get any text messages from blacklisted numbers. These messages will instead be routed to your trash bin. You must access the Settings app to unlock the prohibited number. Navigate to the Blocked Contacts tab. Then, swipe left on the person’s name you want to block.

It is simple to block a number on your iPhone. You can pick Block by tapping the I icon and scrolling down. When you block a number, all communications with that number go to voicemail. You can also unblock yourself by swiping left on the block list.