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How to Fix an Unreadable External Hard Drive

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How to Fix an Unreadable External Hard Drive

Ever thought about How to Fix an Unreadable External Hard Drive? Many folks frequently have this issue. A laptop or computer assembly does not include an internal hard drive; rather, an external hard drive serves as a storage medium for files and data. Cellphones, laptops, and computers often have their own storage media, but occasionally the volume is insufficient to hold all the data that is generated daily. As a result, an external hard drive is now a storage medium.

There are numerous issues that cause many external hard disks to be unreadable. Physical issues with the application are one of many situations that frequently cause issues on an external hard drive. File system issues, out-of-date drivers that require updating, missing partitions, and damaged USB connections are further reasons why external hard drives become unreadable. The discussion of How to Fix an Unreadable External Hard Drive can help you learn more.

How to Fix an Unreadable External Hard Drive

Reorganizing a Unreadable External Hard Drive

Re-management is the first thing that can be done when an external hard drive cannot be read. The secret is to open the rum window by pressing Windows + R. Type “diskmgmt.msc” after that. You’ll see the Computer Management window. Format Drive next, the hard disk that wasn’t detected will typically start to return after reformatting and can then be used as usual.

Reinstalling The Driver

Reinstalling the driver is the second option for dealing with an unreadable external hard drive. It’s really simple to carry out these actions:

  • Press the Windows key and type “device management” into the desktop search box.
  • A yellow exclamation point with the words “USB Attached SCSI UAS Mass storage device” is visible.
  • Then select Let Me Choose from a List of Device Drivers on My Computer after clicking Update Driver Software > Browse My Computer For Driver Software.
  • When Shaw suitable hardware is verified, press the next button to continue following the teacher.
  • Before restarting the computer or laptop, wait for the installation procedure to be finished. So it has been read when the hard drive is powered on once more.

Changing The Hard Drive Letter

A hard disk letter is the third option. When an external hard disk is connected but does not show up in My Computer, this method is typically used. You can do this by taking the following actions:

  • The instructions are the same as the first technique; open Disk Management.
  • then use the right mouse button to click on the disk.
  • then choose Change Drive letter and Plath from the window’s menu.
  • To change, click Add or Change. to the letter
  • Pay attention to the directions given. The hard disk will then be scanned once again and display.

By Writing Zeros

One of the more radical approaches is this one. Writer zero will, as its name suggests, delete or format the file until it is completely empty. Writing Zero can take a while depending on how much data you have stored.

Replacing The Hard Drive Case

As is common when an external hard disk has a case that almost entirely encloses the hardware. The hard drive’s data component shouldn’t have any damage to the enclosure. If the hard drive cannot be read, it is strongly advised to look at the condition of the casing. The casing can be changed if it has cracks or scratches.

Changing The USB Cable

By switching out the USB cord, the final one. If the hard disk is unreadable, perhaps a lot of people panic. Despite the possibility that the USB cord alone is harmed. First, try swapping the USB cord to check it. A faulty USB cable can affect the hard drive’s ability to transfer data and function. The hard drive can become unreadable as a result. Make sure to verify such little details first.

A common issue that many people run into is how to fix an external hard disk that the computer cannot read. When purchasing an external hard drive, it is strongly advised that you select a quality hard drive.

These are Ways to Fix an Unreadable External Hard Drive, hope one of these ways can be the solution for you.