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How to Hide iPhone Applications

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How to Hide iPhone Applications

Using the App Library, you can hide an app from your home screen if you do not want to see it. The App Library is a listing of all iPhone applications. Swipe down on the final page of your home screen to locate it. Then, tap the app you wish to hide to access its menu. To remove it from the home screen, tap Remove App or Remove From Home Screen.

How to Hide iPhone Applications

Depending on the number of iPhone screens, there are several ways to conceal applications. The initial method is to swipe up and down. Additionally, you can uncheck an app to make it invisible. Simply press the “Done” button in the upper-right corner of the screen once this is complete.

You can also hide apps by dragging them into a folder. To accomplish this, press and hold an app’s icon until it begins to wiggle. Next, drag it into the directory. Additionally, you can rename the folder by clicking the text bar at the top. Once the app has been hidden, it will no longer be accessible from the Home screen.

Moving apps to a different folder on your iPhone is another way to conceal them. Create a folder and then drag the application into it. This will place the application on the second or third page of the folder. If necessary, you can move it back to the home screen.

You can also use the App Store to delete apps from your iPhone. The App Store allows users to conceal entire pages of apps. Simply swipe left on the Purchases screen to accomplish this. If you would rather hide specific apps, you can also remove them from the Home Screen.

The same method can be used to conceal Siri apps. They are removed from notifications and search results. In addition, Siri will not suggest these applications. However, they will still be present in your App Library if you recheck it. Additionally, you can conceal apps from the App Library by dragging your finger down the home screen.

Hide an application from the home screen to free up space on your iPhone. By hiding the app from the home screen, Siri suggestions, purchase history, and other information will no longer be visible. Thus, you can keep your iPhone free of unnecessary, space-consuming apps.

Additionally, hiding an app on an iPhone prevents malicious apps from being installed on the device. This method is not recommended for privacy reasons and is potentially dangerous, as it could allow malicious users to install applications in the background. There are a few alternatives, but they are not 100 percent effective.