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How to Measure a Television

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How to Measure a Television

When purchasing a new television, one of the first factors to consider is its size. Most television manufacturers characterize their displays in inches, which is comparable to 25 millimeters. You will need to know the screen size and bezel width of your television.

How to Measure a Television

Before you start shopping for a new television, buy a tape measure or measure your current one. Be sure to measure the TV’s width, depth, and height to determine how much space it will require. Some televisions have connectors on the back, so you must give sufficient room on both sides. When measuring, you should also account for the viewing angle.

The screen proportions of a new television differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. For instance, the sides of modern models are thinner than the front. This eliminates the risk of scratching the display when measuring. You will also need a measuring tape to determine the diagonal length of the screen.

The width of a television is measured from the left edge to the right edge, including the frame and any external device cables. It may differ slightly from the depth of the frame or cabinet. For precision, it is advisable to round up to the nearest half inch.

Once you identify the size of your current television, you may decide which size to purchase. Some individuals choose to purchase a large television for their living room, but others choose smaller ones for their other rooms. The size of your new television should correspond with the dimensions of your space for optimal viewing.

Before purchasing a television, it is also essential to know how much space it requires. You should be able to see every detail on the screen, but there should not be much space between the television and the furniture. You should also examine the distance between the screen and surrounding furnishings, such as sofas and beds. For example, a 60-inch television should fit between a sofa and an entertainment center.

The television’s height is another crucial factor to consider. It should ideally be placed at eye level with the spectator. This can be determined by measuring the distance from the floor to the TV’s eye level. The result is then reduced by half the height of the television. You will receive a result that is within an inch or two of your television’s real height.

Noting that TV sizes can vary by a few inches is significant, but it shouldn’t affect your viewing experience. Utilize these recommendations as a starting point for your quest. Consider your comfort level when selecting the ideal television size. There are other suggestions that can help you choose the ideal one.