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How to Quickly and Easily Dry a Smartphone

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How to Quickly and Easily Dry a Smartphone

There are a few things you may do to fast dry out a smartphone. First, check sure the phone is turned off. This lowers the possibility of electrical short circuits. Next, make certain that any liquid has been entirely removed from the phone. The headphone jack, battery, SIM slot, and any other hidden fissures are all included. This may take some time, but the phone will be fully dry.

How to Quickly and Easily Dry a Smartphone

If the water has already been absorbed, turn off the phone and clean the entire surface with a dry, lint-free towel. A wet/dry vacuum is another alternative for removing excess water. This may also work, but make sure the air pressure is minimal because too much pressure can cause damage.

After that, place the phone in an airtight container and wait for it to completely dry. It’s critical to remember not to charge the phone until it’s totally dry, as charging a wet phone might cause more harm. Apple recommends waiting at least five hours after removing the water from the phone before charging it.

If you drop the phone, get it to a dry place right away. Excessive movement can cause water to enter the phone’s internal components, so place it flat on a towel or pile of napkins. You can also dry it using a hairdryer, but be careful not to over-dry it or you risk destroying its internal components.

If you’ve managed to dry out your phone, taking it apart will be even easier. You can do this if you’re a skilled technician who understands how to work with electronics. However, if you have no prior knowledge with electronics, you should proceed with caution.

Kitty litter is another simple way to dry off a smartphone. Make sure the litter is new to avoid getting dirt or dust on the phone. Wrap the phone in paper towels and set it aside to dry. This allows it to dry faster and prevents moisture from entering the phone. You can use uncooked rice or instant rice to speed up the drying process.

You can speed up the drying process by placing your phone in a big container. It should be left in this container for at least 24 hours, but not in a heated setting. After the drying process is complete, properly clean the phone and turn it back on. Don’t forget to unplug the charger from the wall outlet.

You can also try absorbing any excess water on the phone’s surface with a paper towel. Once the water has been removed, you can remove the battery and dry off the phone’s inside components.