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How To Use a Stabilizer In Videos

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How To Use a Stabilizer In Videos

How To Use a Stabilizer In Videos – For your content to appear on TikTok FYP or Instagram’s suggested list, you must have cool videos. Buddy Doran, you need a supporting machine to make this wonderful video. One of them is utilizing a gimbal or stabilizer camera. Actually, using a stabilizer to create a video is really simple. When taking photos or videos, you can modify it according on the surroundings and the object’s state.

How To Use a Stabilizer In Videos

Active Track

Use of the ActiveTrack function or mode is the first thing you can try. This mode has the benefit of improving the image’s accuracy and smoothness. This is due to the feature’s ability to lock moving objects when it is enabled. Naturally, this avoids blurring in the final image or video.

Dynamic Zoom

In this Dynamic Zoom mode, you can automatically zoom in on particular subjects to capture images and movies. The term “chosen object” is frequently used in the context of photography. When zooming or enlarging, issues frequently arise; typically, the image blurs. You no longer need to make a lot of adjustments with this Dynamic Zoom. Because the mode will operate automatically and remain clear even when magnified numerous times.


Use the Timelapse technique to create videos with a third stabilizer that are sure to be cool. Basically, this strategy involves shooting routine recordings in a specific location for a predetermined period of time. In this instance, you have control over both the video parameters and the visual capture interval length.

Story Mode

Want to record a unique and dramatic video? Utilize the fourth method, which is switching on StoryMode. Additionally, there are several templates from which to select to record exciting occasions. particularly if you are visiting intriguing locations. Additionally, users can simply update the template and immediately publish it to social media.


The panorama mode is the final method for stabilizing videos. This mode is thought to be one of the best and coolest of all the methods now in use. Because you can demonstrate how one individual can have several figures at the same time and place. You merely need to remain motionless after shooting an object in this situation. After that, aim the camera or screenshot towards the following frame. So, editing and displaying the appearance of a cool photograph doesn’t take very long.

These are few methods on How To Use a Stabilizer In Videos, you can make a better quality videos for your next content of course. Good luck!