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How To Use Prodigy Math

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How To Use Prodigy Math

Using Prodigy Math to engage pupils is a fun approach to do so. It is a web-based tool that adapts arithmetic questions to different levels of students. A placement test and embedded assessments are also part of the program. Teachers, homeschoolers, and parents who wish to introduce game-based learning into the classroom will find Prodigy Math to be an excellent resource. Prodigy Math is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Students can play math-based games and compete against other players to earn points and awards using the free edition of the game. The premium edition includes additional in-game incentives.

How To Use Prodigy Math

Prodigy can also help teachers differentiate their instruction. Students receive a real-time performance report. The information collected can be used to detect common knowledge gaps. Teachers might also assign homework to help fill in the gaps. The website includes a planner feature that makes it simple to assign themes. Prodigy also works with Clever, an app that allows teachers to communicate assignments with pupils.

Prodigy Math also has an adaptive system for personalized learning. Students are assigned to the grade level best suited to their needs. This means that students who are falling behind get extra practice in areas where they are struggling. In addition, the algorithm revisits prerequisites to guarantee that pupils are prepared for the next level. It is also worth noting that the algorithm constantly updates pupils’ learning as they grow. They will always get the appropriate amount of math practice this way.

The app also has a “story mode” where wizards can face other characters and unique bosses. It also enables wizards to develop abilities and communicate with other characters. This is an excellent technique to educate pupils fundamental life skills. Students can also win incentives for appropriately answering questions.

Prodigy also provides free instructional materials for teachers. The software can be used by teachers to assign questions at the end of chapters, units, or units of study. This can be beneficial for pupils who are not yet ready to finish homework alone. Assignments can also be created by teachers to assist students in understanding subjects and filling knowledge gaps.

Prodigy also has an adaptive algorithm that tailors questions to pupils of varying skill levels. This means that students can learn basic ideas while still getting a chance to master more complex concepts. It also allows pupils to demonstrate what they have learnt. It’s an excellent method to make math preparation enjoyable for pupils while also reducing test anxiety. The curriculum has been regarded as a “game-changer” by parents and educators. In fact, 7 out of 10 parents claimed that Prodigy Math increased their children’s confidence.

Prodigy can also be used in conjunction with other curricular standards and learning objectives. Teachers, for example, can utilize the app to assign Common Core State Standards or the Ontario math curriculum. The app also works with Google Classroom. Teachers can now create classes as well as import classes from other learning management systems.