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How to Use Uber Without a Mobile Device

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How to Use Uber Without a Mobile Device

Not to worry if you do not own a smartphone; you can still utilize Uber. The mobile website allows booking rides and location monitoring. You cannot, however, receive text messages from the driver. However, the software may still be used to book rides using a phone number, Facebook, or Google account.

How to Use Uber Without a Mobile Device

You must first have an Internet connection. If you do not have a phone, you can book your ride using a third-party app. You may also contact the Uber operator by phone. To use Uber, you must have a functional mobile phone. In addition, a credit card must be associated with your Uber account.

After installing the application, you must create an account. It is free and takes only a few moments. To do so, you will need a mobile number and a social media account that has been validated. After completing these steps, you can use Uber on any device. If you do not have a smartphone, you can also access the app via its website.

After registering, you may choose a companion to ride alongside you. Simply insert the individual’s telephone number and destination. You will receive a text message with the trip details after the ride has been accepted. Using this way, you may track your ride’s progress and even pay with a credit card.

Using the Phoner service is another another option to use Uber without a smartphone. Phoner provides you with an unlimited number of international phone numbers. This eliminates the need to utilize a different phone or SIM card. Not only will this service allow you to connect with Uber drivers, it will also secure your privacy.

Uber is introducing a new in-app function that enables users to request and pay for rides for other customers. Beginning on Tuesday, this service will be accessible to customers in the United States and thirty other countries. The app also allows you to book rides for others using your mobile device. The new feature is also beneficial for seniors and those without internet access.