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How to Wirelessly Connect a Smartphone to a Smart TV

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How to Wirelessly Connect a Smartphone to a Smart TV

Many smart TVs include USB connections for connecting your smartphone. Connecting your phone to your TV via this connector allows you to watch video and other stuff on your TV, such as images and music. You can also use a USB data cable to transfer files from your phone to your smart TV.

How to Wirelessly Connect a Smartphone to a Smart TV

Some recent televisions have built-in Bluetooth, making them phone compatible. To detect each other, make sure your phone and TV have the same Bluetooth setting and are close to each other. You can begin screen sharing once they are connected.

If your TV does not support wifi direct, you can connect your phone to your smart TV using a wireless display adaptor. Most electronics stores sell wireless display adapters for around $40. After you receive the device, you must enable the Wi-Fi network on your phone.

If your TV lacks HDMI, connect your smartphone with an HDMI/MHL connection. This technology is found in the majority of newer types of smart TVs. This feature, however, is not available on all phones. By heading to Settings -> Display, you can discover if your smartphone supports HDMI. Toggle the option under Wireless display on to enable Miracast. You can then link your phone to any other Miracast device. The specific technique will differ depending on the brand and version of Android.

A USB cord is another option for connecting your smartphone to your smart TV. This cable will connect your phone to your TV and enable screen mirroring. However, screen mirroring will drain your phone’s battery. Alternatively, an HDMI to USB-C cable can be used.

To use Miracast, your smartphone and smart TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. On your Android smartphone, you should also be able to enable the “Wireless Display” option. From here, you can use a suitable app to cast your smartphone’s screen to your TV. You may also connect your phone to your TV using an old-fashioned RCA wire.

Casting media from your smartphone to your television is simple, and many major smartphone manufacturers include screen mirroring capabilities. You can use this capability to display videos, photographs, and games on the large screen. Some apps, however, may only display material in vertical format and need you to swivel your screen to access them.

If you have a Samsung or Android phone, you can connect it to your TV using a USB cable. This allows you to cast the entire screen to your television. A screen mirroring app can also be used to link your phone to your smart TV. This feature can be enabled in your phone’s settings app.