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Jitterbug Phone Explanation

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Jitterbug Phone Explanation

A jitterbug phone is an extremely affordable and user-friendly cell phone. The device is comparable to a standard smartphone, however there are several distinctions. It lacks a huge display and lots of applications. Instead, it features a large, legible typeface and a concise list of functions. Certain models even employ voice interaction technology. This implies that you can use your phone to chat with a qualified operator who will perform a variety of tasks for you.

Jitterbug Phone Explanation

Battery life is another key thing to consider. Considering that the majority of jitterbug phones are battery-powered, you may wish to acquire a model with a long battery life if you intend to speak frequently. Their batteries might be difficult to replenish, and they are not waterproof. Additionally, the AARP may offer special discounts on jitterbug phones.

Additionally, Jitterbug phones offer various features designed specifically for the elderly. They may have a backlit keyboard and huge digits on the keypad. Some even include a voice-typing feature and enhanced speakers. These features are intended to make phone calls more pleasant for seniors.

Jitterbug phones utilize the Verizon network to give service to the elderly. The phones qualify for federal Lifeline Assistance Program funding. With free minutes and data, the service aims to keep seniors in touch with their families. The Jitterbug Flip phone features large buttons, an intuitive interface, and a loud speaker.

Jitterbug phones also have a competent customer service department. Consumers assign a rating of 4.1 stars to the Lively Flip and Smart phones. The Lively customer service team is a wonderful source of information and can answer any queries you may have. Additionally, some phones contain an emergency button that links the user to a 24/7 emergency monitoring center. The operator can then analyze the situation and, if necessary, request assistance.

A Jitterbug Smart3 has GPS capabilities as well. This can be beneficial if you become lost or disoriented and need to locate yourself. Additionally, users can share their location with the Lively app. If you are a first-time user, you may require assistance from a sighted individual.

The Jitterbug flip phone was created with the older population in mind. It contains large buttons and keys, making it user-friendly for senior citizens. However, the flip phone cannot serve as a solo medical alert system. It can be effective in an emergency, but is insufficient for 24/7 protection.