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Neeva New Search Engine With No Ads

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Neeva New Search Engine With No Ads

Google’s search engine appears to have a strong competitor. Two former Google employees created Neeva’s own search engine. They guarantee that Neeva users are not tracked and that the search results are unbiased in their announcement. The reason for this is that a startup called Neeva has created a new search engine that is said to be more user-friendly.

Neeva New Search Engine With No Ads

Neeva has been confirmed in three European countries: Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. The concern is that Neeva is designed to be ad-free. Neeva is also said to have the ability to personalize the search experience by prioritizing or downgrading specific sites or resources, as well as linking to accounts on sites such as Dropbox, Figma, or Slack to include personal files in search results.

Neeva will be provided for free. When users upgrade to a premium service that adds more functionality to the search experience, the new company will charge them. Neeva Premium is currently only available in the United States, but the company has announced plans to launch a premium option in Europe in the future.

Users in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom receive local search results for specific search topics such as stocks, weather, and restaurants. There are also interface versions in French and German. To provide search results to users, Neeva employs both its own index and Bing. The service offers image, video, news, and map searches, as well as search suggestions.

In order to “improve products” for individual users, the search engine promises to store only “limited amounts of information” about them. By default, information is deleted after 90 days. It remains to be seen how ad-free search engines like Neeva and Kagi perform in the coming months and years. There is, of course, a market for unbiased and ad-free search results, but it is unclear how much Internet users are willing to pay for it.