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Secret Menu Item Pokemon Violet Scarlet

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Secret Menu Item Pokemon Violet Scarlet

Medali’s gym may very well be the most memorable in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, for a variety of compelling reasons. Larry, the gym leader, has one of the best personalities in the game, which is nice, but you’ll likely remember this gym for the difficult puzzle whose answer you’ll have to seek out.

Secret Menu Item Pokemon Violet Scarlet

The puzzle requires you to identify the Treasure Eatery’s secret menu item. Regardless of whether you recognize it or not, you will discover hints. As the puzzle begins, you will be presented with a hunt concerning a preferred seasoning. To obtain the required information, go to the Treasure Eatery and speak with the man in the back wearing a business suit. This scene mirrors the character that offers you Leftovers in the second generation of Pokemon video games. Lemon is the correct response.

You must locate a pupil named Arval in town adjacent to the ice cream stand. Grilled Rice Balls are the following option.

Gisela can be found outside of the fitness center. She instructs you to locate “a dark area encircled by stairs.” Behind you are steps going to a grates. Interact with the grate in order to obtain the Fire Blast clue.

Finally, you must overcome Santiago, who will instruct you to pay attention to the blue bird. A Squakabilly can be found sitting atop a biker’s head up the road. The bird will proclaim “Meiydiyum!”, which means “Medium”

Simply enter the following ingredients into the Treasure Eatery’s secret menu to solve this puzzle:

Grilled Rice Balls
Extra crispy, Fire Blast style