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Smartphone Call Blocking Guide

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Smartphone Call Blocking Guide

To prevent calls from a specific number from reaching your phone, simply select that number and touch the “Block” button in your phone’s settings. Although the precise sequence of events may change slightly from model to model, the fundamentals remain the same. Once a number is blocked, it will no longer be able to contact you in any way. With the menu button, you can add several numbers to the blacklist.

Smartphone Call Blocking Guide

Tap the number you want to block on your Android device. You can either hit the ellipsis button or move down to the Block List section to enter a new phone number. Simply enter the phone number you wish to block and click “block.” All subsequent text messages from that number will be routed directly to your voicemail.

You can prevent a contact from reaching you by blocking their phone number on Facebook. Though it won’t be shown in your call log. You should exercise extreme caution before picking up the phone. Some people may mistake a message for an unwelcome phone call if they don’t check their inbox.

Android devices have varying methods for blocking unwanted calls. If you have a Google Pixel 5, you can use the Phone app to block unwanted calls. You’ll need to be on the original release of Android 11 to perform this. Next, select “More Options,” “Settings,” and finally “Blocked Numbers” within the Phone app.

Using Android to block a number is a straightforward process. To permanently stop receiving calls from a particular number, just click the corresponding “block” button. Next, a confirmation notice will appear. It will be impossible for that number to contact you again once you have blocked it. Unwanted phone calls can be stopped by blocking unknown numbers on Android.