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What exactly is ShareASale?

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What exactly is ShareASale

Rakuten Marketing, founded in 1996, is a company that provides marketing solutions to merchants. It also functions as an affiliate marketing platform, allowing agencies to handle different merchant programs. It features about 150,000 brands and a diverse selection of products and merchants. It also provides data feeds so that affiliates may track product details.

What exactly is ShareASale

It offers a rich knowledge base that includes in-depth articles and videos. The website also has a search tool, which makes it simple to find the things you want to market. They also provide a deep linking generator, which is a really useful tool. It allows you to quickly build links.

The ShareASale network is well-known for its simplicity and speed. It is an excellent platform for those who are new to affiliate marketing. It has a variety of programs ranging from pay per lead to pay per sale. It also accepts a number of payment options, such as direct deposit, ACH, and physical check. It generates thorough reports that enable you to quickly track your performance.

To get started, you must first establish an account with ShareASale. This will necessitate you filling out a form with your name, website, and contact information. You will also need to choose your chosen payment method. After you’ve established your account, you may apply for programs and start marketing things. You can then earn commissions on sales generated by your recommendations.

You can view your performance statistics on the ShareASale website’s dashboard. You can also look for merchants in your industry. You can narrow down the results by country, product, and affiliate program. The website also has an activity stream. You can also see new blogs, ads, and performance statistics.

ShareASale is well-known for its diverse merchant programs. It has approximately 4,800 vendors, with products ranging from home and decor to fashion and business. It also provides other sorts of compensation, including pay per sale, pay per lead, and pay per click. You can locate businesses with varying commissions and cookie durations. The deep connecting generator in ShareASale is also quite effective.

To locate products to promote, you may also use the ShareASale recruitment tool. The issue with this feature is that you cannot search by keyword or domain name. Fill out a form with the products you want to promote, and your affiliate account will be approved. The approval procedure typically takes between 24 and 48 hours. You must also agree to the terms and conditions.

Bloggers can earn money with the ShareASale affiliate program. It gives you the opportunity to make up to 40% commissions. It also allows you to promote things on your website or on social media. They also provide good customer service and respond quickly. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate with ShareASale, you can find more information on their website. They may work with a variety of high-quality brands.