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What is the definition of Lively Cellular Service?

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What is the definition of Lively Cellular Service

Lively is a cellular business that specialized on offering phones and services for seniors. Lively, formerly known as GreatCall, is owned by Best Buy and provides a variety of senior-friendly goods such as cell phones, mobile apps, and alert buttons. Verizon Wireless provides cellular service throughout the United States. One of its most popular versions is the Jitterbug phone. It has a medical alert system and a simple flip design. Lively is regarded as one of the best cell phone service providers for seniors.

What is the definition of Lively Cellular Service

For a modest monthly charge, Lively offers options that include calling and text messaging. Medical alerts, monitoring services, and operators can also be added to your phone. Lively also provides data options ranging from 100MB per month to unlimited data for $30 per month. Customers can terminate their plans at any moment and are not required to sign a contract.

Lively offers three bundles, each with its own set of features. The Lively Health and Safety Package, for example, gives 24-hour access to qualified emergency agents. The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch have certified these agents to assist you in an emergency. In an emergency, you can even speak with real operators by phoning 911 and detailing the situation. The operator will remain on the line with you until aid arrives.

The company also sells medical alert gadgets including the Jitterbug, which can be worn on the body, and a smartphone alert button. Lively also provides apps for smartphones. Which gadget is best for you is determined by your unique requirements. You can also purchase a Jitterbug phone, which is a full-featured phone that can be used in place of your current cell phone.